A Warm Welcome

Your sense of curiosity has probably lead you here… A sense of wondering if there is something more for you to explore in this life?

Perhaps you are:

  • Curious if there is a life plan for you, or if you are on track
  • Want to know or understand more about your life purpose
  • Experiencing a low time in your life and are searching for meaning?
  • Feeling like you have lost your way and want to better understand some of your experiences and find some direction
  • Wanting to have a deeper understanding of your relationships with loved ones or significant people in your life
  • Seeking to reconnect with a loved one you have lost
  • Fearing death and want to know what happens when we move on from this lifetime
  • Wondering if your past lives were connected to people with you in this current life

If any of these longings resonate with you, you have found a safe and trusted place to help you answer these questions. Marie is a highly trained, experienced hypnotherapist and guide in helping you navigate a Past Live Regression or Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression. She will help you journey safely on the Other Side and find answers and meaning.

During one of these sessions you can:

  • Uncover themes which are driving your current life experiences
  • Gain a better understanding of personal relationships, past and present
  • Reunite with loved ones who have crossed over, and know that you are an eternal being
  • Discover your life purpose and connect with your truest self
  • Understand more about your current life journey (choices and challenges) and check in to see if you are on track with your life plan

Find answers to specific questions.

Discover the Other Side…

For those who choose to make the journey, a Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression can be a defining experience in one’s life. Some who embark on this unique experience, do so usually once or twice in a lifetime as a way of connecting with a higher wisdom for guidance, validation they are on the right path, or purely as a journey to explore to a place like nowhere else.

Follow these links if you would like to learn more about a Past Life Regression or Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression.

For many, a Past Life Regression or Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression with Marie is a profound experience which they will remember in years to come.

There are many benefits to be realized as you make this journey- including:

  • Enhancing your self awareness and authenticity.
  • Retrieving positive unconscious beliefs or feelings to support you in gaining a greater sense of personal power in this current life.
  • Releasing emotions or beliefs which are holding you back.

Exploring your inner most self and uncovering insights which enable you to grow spiritually and emotionally.

“Thank you Marie, for holding the energy for our organisation in Brisbane”

–        Peter Smith – President of The Michael Newton Institute